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US National Team Certification 2022-2023





Only one jumper needs to register using this form for each group! Do not register multiple individuals using this form as you will be charged for each registration per person.  Once you have filled out the form using one person's account, do not register another individual that is in the same group event.


This is the registration for certifying routines for the US National Team qualification. Only one jumper per group needs to register and pay for each group event.


Athletes will qualify for the US National Team by videoing their event at any AMJRF sanctioned competition and submitting that video to be re-judged by a certified judge panel. Athletes may only submit ONE video per event. Athletes qualify for the US National Team by event. The US National Team will be chosen based on the results of the re-judging. This option for qualification was the top choice of a survey completed by the membership.


Routines are re-judged using the IJRU rules. Basic guidelines have been established to ensure each athlete has a fair chance of qualifying for the US National Team regardless of the sanctioned tournament they record their event at. These rules and guidelines must be followed when submitting a routine.

Once You Have Submitted Your Registration

Each routine must have a video submission uploaded to the IJRU Video Hub. See instructions below and on the Qualifying Structure and Rules page.


2022-2023 American Jump Rope Federation Video Upload Instructions

  1. Make sure you have the original video files downloaded to a PC.
  2. Register for your qualifying event/events through SportsEngine. Be sure to include the email address of the person who will upload the video. That email address needs to have an IJRU account associated with it. If you don’t have an IJRU account (used for IJRU registration or Judge Training), please go to to create an account. You can do this by going to “Judge Training'', clicking on the portal and then “create an account”
  3. Once the registration is received, AMJRF will create entry in the qualifying event.
  4. The person who will upload the videos will then go to the “video hub” 
  5. Log in to the video hub and you will see the events that were registered and a button to upload the appropriate video.
  6. It may take a little while to upload, so do not leave the page until you are sure the video upload is complete.
  7. Complete the upload for every event registered.
  8. Close out once complete.


For more information on the qualification process/rules:

Qualifying Structure and Rules


For more information contact: