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Welcome to AMJRNC 2024 GRANDS Photo Registration

Here is where you will register and pay for GRANDS freestyle event photography.

You will fill out your Competitor information, team name, and then select the events you want photographed within the corresponding gender division.  This will allow staff to schedule your event into our schedule of corresponding heats where we will assign a photographer to capture specified event. Payment will be collected at the end of the registration process once you have selected all of the events you are wanting to get photographed. 

Please Note: Group Events

If you are registering for a group event, only ONE athlete needs to register PER GROUP for the photos to be taken. Please discuss among your group mates as to if someone has already purchased them within your group. 

Photo Cost Guide

Event Name Cost Per Event
Single Rope Freestyle $25
Single Rope Pairs Freestyle $30
Single Rope Team Freestyle $40
Wheel Freestyle $30
Double Dutch Single Freestyle $40
Double Dutch Pairs Freestyle $40
Double Dutch Triad Freestyle $40
DDC Freestyle $40

Please Note: Gender Divisions

Events are categorized by gender division as per the IJRU registration system. So please make sure you register in the correct gender division for each event selected. If you have any questions about what division your event is entered as please each out to your coach, as they are the ones who register you in the IJRU system. 

* All Double Dutch Triad and all DDC Freestyle are both competed as MIXED division events for 2024 AMJRNC.

Please Contact Lindsay With Any Questions Lindsay Nyman

Production Director

Phone: 919-924-8746